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Adlerian Classics
A Series of New Online E-Books
by Alfred Adler & Other Classical Adlerians

Alfred Adler's famous comment, "My psychology belongs to everyone!" emphasized his commitment to uncovering the mystery of human nature for the general public. His supremely clear, yet profound insights about preventing and curing mental illness and crime, as well as a philosophy for leading a happy and fulfilled life, were articulated in a series of four books. Today, Adler's vigorous committment to overcoming the deadly virus of inequality at all levels of life, provides a deeply relevant guide today for achieving truly democratic living in all of our relationships: in our families, in our work, in our communities, and in our nation. Adler's original, popular writings are unequaled sources of inspiration, offering superb introductions to his theory, philosophy, and practice for students, instructors, and clinicians.

Online versions of Alfred Adler's most popular books are now available in PDF format, with bookmarked table of contents. Using Adobe Reader, a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or any E-Book or tablet that reads PDF files, the documents may be read, searched, highlighted, and commented for personal study.

Volume 1: Understanding Human Nature by Alfred Adler

Based on Adler's year-long, public lectures in Vienna, "Understanding Human Nature," published in 1927, was designed for wide American consumption and the book sold in the millions. The material was organized, edited, and translated by the American psychiatrist Walter Beran Wolfe. Free of technical jargon, the book addressed personality development is a helpful, pragmatic manner, including concrete examples from everyday family life.

Volume 2: The Science of Living, by Alfred Adler

At a lecture in Vienna on February 4th, 1930, when Alfred Adler was asked about the best beginning book to read on Individual Psychology, he recommended "The Science of Living." In his preface to this volume, Phillipe Mairet suggests, "In his realistic grasp of the social nature of the individual's problem and his inexorable demonstration of the unity of health and harmonious behaviour, Adler resembles no one so much as the great Chinese thinkers. If the occidental world is not too far gone to make use of his service, he may well come to be known as the Confucius of the West."

Volume 3: What Life Should Mean to You by Alfred Adler

Adler's philosophical and eloquent "What Life Should Mean to You," edited by Alan Porter, was originally published in 1931. In this highly readable book, targeting the general public, Adler offered many insights on academic, vocational, and family issues facing adults. Opening with a chapter titled "The Meaning of Life." he stated, "Every person strives for significance, but people always make mistakes if they do not see that their whole significance must consist in their contributions to the lives of others."

Volume 4: Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind, by Alfred Adler

Originally published in German in 1933 as "Der Sinn des Lebens," (The Meaning of Life), the book was translated into English and published as "Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind." In his preface, Adler states, "So far then as man's meaning about himself and about the external world is concerned, this can be best discovered from the significance he finds in life and from the significance he gives to his own life. It is obvious that here possible discord with an ideal social feeling, with social life, cooperation, and the sense of fellowship can be distinctly heard."

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