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"The best video I've seen regarding Adlerian psychology and its clinical relevance today. Drawing on his own therapeutic experience and recent research, Dr. Henry Stein shows how Adlerian ideas and methods are valuable to practitioners. Using wit and case examples, his approach is refreshingly clear."
Edward Hoffman, Ph.D, author of "The Drive for Self: Alfred Adler and the Founding of Individual Psychology" (Addison Wesley) and "Future Visions: The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow" (Sage Publications).

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Featuring Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.,
Director & Senior Training Analyst,
Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washington

This 40-minute interview of Dr. Stein was conducted by Mick Conefrey of the British Broadcasting Company on February 2nd, 1999 in San Francisco. Several segments of the interview were included in the BBC program, "Me First: Does Birth Order Matter?" broadcast on The Learning Channel in the United States during the spring of 2000. Originally shown on British TV, "Me First" presents contrasting views about the impact of birth order on personality development. Dr. Stein offers a candid perspective on the value, application, and limits of birth order theory.

Content of Interview

  • Influence of the Siblings on Personality - Adler's View
  • Influence of the Parents on Personality - Work of Hugh Missildine
  • Influences of Pregnancy and Birth Experience - Work of Thomas Verney
  • Influence of Organ Inferiority on Personality - Adler
  • Contributions of Frank Sulloway to Birth Order Theory and Research
  • Evaluation of Judith Harris's Theory of Peer Influences
  • Discussion of "Eminent Personalities" by Margarite Goertzel
  • Discussion of Political Assassins & Birth Order - Work of Richard Harris
  • Impact of Pampering and Dethronement
  • Typical Problems of Oldest, Middle, and Youngest Children
  • Uses and Limits of Birth Order Theory

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