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Concept Map - Style of Life

Developed by Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.

Concept maps are graphic aids that attempt to clarify the relationships of ideas. When combined with the in-depth study of text and vigorous discussion, they provide guidelines to explore micro and macro perspectives of a subject. Since "the map is not the territory," one potential limitation is when it is used as a conceptual shortcut for gaining only a quick, superficial understanding. Hopefully, these maps will be used as stimulants for deeper study--they have been extremely useful to on-site and distance training students at the Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco. Additional micro-concept maps will be posted that expand each theoretical construct and provide progressive levels of detail, as well as macro-concept maps that will illustrate the relationships of major constructs.

These maps represent "works in progress" and are best improved and refined though progressive feedback. Refinements of each map will be published online as dated revisions. Your comments, questions, and suggestions may be posted on the Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy Discussion Forum, or e-mailed to All of this material is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without the expressed consent of Dr. Stein.

Concept Map - Style of Life

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The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, edited by Heinz & Rowena Ansbacher, p. 172-203.

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