Alfred Adler Institutes of San Francisco and Northwestern Washington

Distance Training in
Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy:
Software Applications for Case Analysis,
Case Supervision, & Teaching

Training Analyst: Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.

(Revised 9-5-16)

Objective: To develop knowledge and skill using selected software applications that facilitate case analysis, case presentation, case supervision, and creating graphics for teaching Classical Adlerian Psychology and Depth Psychotherapy. Special attention given to cross-platform applications (PC/Mac/Linux/IPad/Android), as well as Mac to PC adaptations like Parallels Desktop and Crossover. Coordinating appropriate applications with the 12 Phases of the Creative Diagnostic Process. Full demonstrations with selected cases. Adaptation of applications to managing supervison of several hundred cases.
Reading: Selected material relevant to software applicaitns. Evaluation of outline, matrix, mind-mapping, and concept mapping strategies.
Audio/Video: Online tutorials for selected applicatins. Skype demonstrations of specific application strategies.
E-mail: Comments and questions.
Discussion: Weekly fifty-minute telephone consultations.
Time: May range between ten to twenty hours, depending on what is necessary.
Cost: $150.00/hour.
Note: May be taken concurrently with other courses.

Software Applications Discussed & Demonstrated

  • Ecco Pro (PC)
  • Edge Diagrammer (PC)
  • Visimap (PC)
  • The Brain (PC/Mac)
  • SimpleMind (PC/Mac/IPad/Android)
  • C-Map Toolkit (PC/Mac)
  • Tinderbox (Mac)
  • Vue (PC/Mac)
                    Software Applications for Case Analysis, 
		    Case Supervision, & Teaching - DT730

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             Mail to:  Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.
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         Information:  (360) 647-5670

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Distance Training Course: DT730 - Software Applications for Case Analysis, Case Supervision, & Teaching (4 Sessions)
Tuition: $600.00

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