Alfred Adler Institutes of San Francisco and Northwestern Washington

Distance Training in
Classical Adlerian Brief Therapy:
Personal Study-Analysis

Training Analyst: Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.

(Revised 3-23-11)

Objective: To experience Classical Adlerian brief psychotherapy first-hand, and utilize the process as an opportunity for maximizing personal and professional growth. To integrate personal insights with Adler's theoretical constructs and Maslow's model of optimal functioning.
Reading: Selected biographical material about Alfred Adler and writings of Abraham Maslow.
E-mail: Comments and questions.
Discussion: Weekly twenty-five-minute (half session),or fifty-minute (full session) telephone consultations.
Time: As required: minimum of 25 hours, 50 hours recommended. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire.
Cost: $75.00/half-session; $150.00/full-session. There will be an additional charge of $150.00 for studying your completed questionnaire.
Note: May be taken concurrently with other courses.

Features of a Study-Analysis

  • Experience Classical Adlerian Brief Psychotherapy
  • Gain a Comprehensive Insight into Your Style of Life
  • Overcome Personal and Professional Difficulties
  • Discuss the Process at Each Therapeutic Stage
  • Discover the Roots of your Unique Creative Process

                    PERSONAL STUDY-ANALYSIS - DT201

(Please print this form, fill it out, and mail it with your course fee.)

Name:________________________________________  Date:_______________________


City:___________________State:___________  Zip:________  Country:__________

Home Tel:__________________________  Bus.Tel:______________________________

First Session Tuition - $150.00 + Questionnaire Fee - $150.00
Enclosed ($300.00): ___________  (payable to "Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.")

* Please note that after the first session, tuition for a study-analysis
must be pre-paid monthly (4 session = $600.00).

             Mail to:  Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.
                       2565 Mayflower Lane
                       Bellingham, WA 98226  

         Information:  (360) 647-5670

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