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Training of a Psychotherapist

           Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy (CAPD) liberates the individual from the limits of a restrictive, archaic style of life and an egocentric, fictional final goal, thus changing the core personality. This challenging form of psychotherapy requires the therapist to integrate intellect, intuition, and depth of feeling. Consequently, this form of training requires a one-to-one, mentor relationship over an extended period of time, and cannot be learned in a series of group workshops. In addition to a vigrous study of theory and practice, the heart of the program includes a personal study-analysis with a senior Classical Adlerian training analyst. The study-analysis not only provides a direct, personal experience of the therapeutic process, but also identifies and helps a therapist overcome potential obstacles to fully serving the client's needs. A psychotherapist generally cannot guide a client any further than he has traveled in his own development; consequently, he must overcome his own lifestyle limitations first. Clinicians who study with us have usually tried other approaches and hunger for greater effectiveness, philosophical depth, and creativity.

           Our distance-training program offers clinical, professional training, leading to certification, not to an academic degree. Fully certified Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapists are currently located in: Bellingham, Washington; San Francisco, Berkeley, Redwood City, and Oroville, California; Valley Stream and New York, New York; Feldberg, Germany; and Taipei, Taiwan. Students currently in traiing are located in Florida, Utah, Canada, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Theory, Philosophy, & Style

           Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy embraces several fully-integrated perspectives: theory of personality, model of psychopathology, philosophy of living, strategy for preventative education, and technique of psychotherapy. Its mission is to encourage the development of psychologically healthy and cooperative individuals, couples, and families, in order to effectively pursue the ideals of social equality and democratic living. A vigorously optimistic and inspiring approach to psychotherapy, it balances the equally important needs for individual optimal development and social contribution. With a solid foundation in the original teachings and therapeutic style of Alfred Adler, it integrates several powerful resources: the rich contributions of Kurt Adler, Lydia Sicher, Alexander Mueller, Sophia de Vries, and Anthony Bruck; the self-actualization research of Abraham Maslow; and the creative innovations of Henry Stein.

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    Martha E. Edwards, Ph.D. - New York, NY

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Overview of Theory & Practice
Creative Power
Feeling of Inferiority
Striving for Significance
Feeling of Community
Style of Life
Unity & Self-Consistency
Private Logic & Common Sense
Conscious & Unconscious
Fictional Final Goal
Birth Order
Dreams & Dreaming
Antithetical Scheme


Individual Adult Psychotherapy
Couple Therapy
Child and Family Therapy
Group and Marathon Therapy
Brief Therapy
Socratic Method
Missing Experience
Substance Abuse Treatment


Parent Education
Teacher Education
Parents of Teens


A Psychology for Democracy
Adler's Legacy
Social Inclusion
What is Ego?
Adler & Froebel
Philosopohical & Spiritual
Power Addiction
Crime & Criminals
Abraham Maslow
   Hierarchy of Needs
   Father of Modern Managementr

Theory and Practice
"A Psychology for Democracy," by Henry Stein
Basic Principles of Classical Adlerian Psychology
Developmental Sequence of the Feeling of Community (table)
Stages of Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy (table)
"Classical Adlerian Theory and Practice," by Henry Stein and Martha Edwards (comprehensive overview)
"Providing the Missing Developmental Experience ... ," by Henry Stein and Martha Edwards
"Adler and Socrates Similarities and Differences," by Henry Stein
Adlerian Overview of Birth Order Characteristics
A Questionnaire for Saving Interview Time in Adlerian Brief Therapy
The Five Phases of Classical Adlerian Family Assessment and Therapy
Adlerian and Related Materials
"Alfred Adler - Lifeline and Chronology," by Edward Hoffman
"Some Basic Principles of Individual Psychology," by Sophia de Vries
"An Introduction to the Translation of Selected Journal Articles of Alfred Adler," by Sophia de Vries
"What is Ego?" - Henry Stein Interviewed by Susan Bridle for "What is Enlightenment?" Magazine
"Substance Abuse From a Classical Adlerian Perspective" by Dyanne H. Pienkowski
"Alfred Adler's Life: Five Lessons for Everyone" by Edward Hoffman
"Abraham Maslow: Father of Enlightened Management" by Edward Hoffman
"Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs & The Stages of Psychotherapy"
"Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy," by Henry Stein and Martha Edwards (From The Enclyclopedia of Psychotherapy)
"Social Inclusion and the Democratic Character," by Henry Stein

Classical Adlerian Quotes
Creative Power - Adler, Sicher, Mueller, and de Vries
Overcoming Difficulties - Adler, Bruck, Mueller, Sicher, de Vries, and Loewy
Discouragement - Adler, Mueller, Sicher, Bruck, and de Vries
The Art of Encouragement - Adler, Bruck, Mueller, Sicher, de Vries, and Stein
Feeling of Inferiority - Adler, Sicher, Mueller, Bruck, de Vries, Wexberg, and Stein
Striving for Significance - Adler (Alfred and Kurt), Mueller, Sicher, Bruck, Lazarsfeld, and Stein
The Feeling of Community - Adler, Mueller, de Vries, Sicher, Bruck, Wexberg, Stein and Edwards
The Style of Life - Alfred and Kurt Adler, Mueller, de Vries, Sicher, Bruck, and Stein
The Fictional Final Goal - Alfred and Kurt Adler, Mueller, de Vries, Plewa, Nowotny, and Stein
Compensation, Overcompensation, & Undercompensation - Alfred & Kurt Adler, Mueller, de Vries, Neuer, & Stein
Antithetical Scheme of Apperception & Tendentious Apperception - Adler, Bruck, Sicher, de Vries, and Stein
Unity & Self-Consistency of the Personality - Alfred & Kurt Adler, Bruck, Sicher, de Vries, Neuer, and Stein
Dreams and Dreaming - Alfred & Kurt Adler, Sicher, de Vries, and Plewa
The Safeguarding Tendency - Alfred & Kurt Adler, Mueller, Sicher, de Vries, Birnbaum, and Stein
Consciousness & Unconsciousness - Adler, Sicher, Mueller, de Vries, Bruck, & Stein
Common Sense and Private Logic - Alfred and Kurt Adler, de Vries, Lazarsfeld, Sicher, and Stein
Crime and Criminals - Adler, Mueller, Sicher, Bruck, and Birnbaum
Alfred Adler's Comments About War
Power Addiction - Adler, Mueller, and Stein
Religion - Adler, Sicher, Wexberg, Mueller, and Wolf

Concept Maps
Micro-Concept Map of "Feelings of Inferiority in Early Childhood"
Micro-Concept Map of "The Striving for Significance"
Macro-Concept Map of "The Style of Life"

Questions and Answers
Contributions to Contemporary Practice - Diagnosis: Initial Evaluation - Frequently Used Interventions
The Dark Side of Human Nature - Emotions and Feelings - Treatment of Criminality
Undivided Self - Self-Esteem - Main Tools in Therapy
Metaphors in Therapy - Gestalt and Adlerian Theory - Limitations of Typologies
Effect of Birth Order on Personality - Evolution of Adlerian Theory - Clarification of Striving for Superiority
Existentialism and the Minus Feeling - The Place of Values in Psychology - Social Comparison and Depreciation
Treatment of Sexual Offenders - Treatment of Symtoms - Treatment of Trauma
Treatment of Addiction - Software for Case Analysis - Treatment of OCD
Repetition Compulsion - Mass Psychology - Step-Families
Use of Early Recollections - Spiritual Assessment Questions - People Who Like to Say "No"
Teleological Holism - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - The Concept of "As If"
Interpreting Dreams - Stress, Tension, and Motivation - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
More on Birth Order - Quotes on Self-Esteem - Striving and Compensation - Psychobiographies

Demonstration of the Socratic Method in Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy With a Man Who Procrastinates
Demonstration of the Socratic Method in Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy With a Depressed Man

Graphic Overview of Classical Adlerian Psychology
Five Fields of Striving for Significance, a Graphic Representation of Inferiority and Significance.
The Feeling of Community, a Graphic Representation of Human Embeddedness.
The Style of Life Tree, a Graphic Representation of Personality Development.
Tasks of a Classical Adlerian Psychotherapist,"The Therapeutic Spiral"
Graphics for Brief Therapy: Overcoming Self-Discouragement

Philosophy and Theology
"Philosophical and Spiritual Implications of Adlerian Psychology," by James Wolf

Parenting and Teaching
Adlerian Child Guidance Principles
"The Challenge of Kindergarten," by Theodore Grubbe
Adlerian Guidelines for Educating the Child
Impact of Parenting Styles on Children
Adult Consequences of Childhood Parenting Styles
Dealing Effectively With Children's Mistaken Goals
The Impact of Family Atmospheres on Children
"Children's Life Tests," by Alfred Adler

Biographical Sketch of Alfred Adler
"Close Encounters With Alfred Adler," by Sophia de Vries
Biographical Sketch of Sophia de Vries
"Alfred Adler, As I Remember Him," by Anthony Bruck
"Was Adler Influenced by Froebel?"
Biographical Sketch of Alexander Müller
Biographical Sketch of Lydia Sicher
"Lydia Sicher: An Unsung Adlerian," by Adele Davidson
Review of "The Collected Works of Lydia Sicher"
Biographical Sketch of Anthony Bruck
Biographical Sketch of Henry Stein
A Tribute to Sophia de Vries (1901-1999)
"Alfred Adler in San Francisco," by Daniel Benveniste
Classical Adlerian Photograph Gallery - Alfred Adler, His Friends, and Family
Classical Adlerian Photograph Gallery - Early Adlerian Who Continued in Adler's Tradition
Biographical Sketch of Blanche Weill

Audio & Video Clips
Classical Adlerian Video Clips

Paths to Becoming and Adlerian
Martha Edwards, New York City
Dyanne Pienkowski, San Francisco, California
Barbara Hitchko, Eureka, California
Karl Witte, Munich, Germany
Tom Clark, Livermore, California
James Wolf, Oakland, California

Remembrances of Alfred Adler and Other Early Contributors to Psychology: An Interview With Sophia de Vries
An Interview With Kurt Adler on His 90th Birtday

On-Site and Distance Training
Distance Training in Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy - Study and Consult From Anywhere in the World!
Workshop: Experiencing Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy - October 1-3, 2010, in Bellingham, WA

Video DVD's, Audio Cassetees, & Books
"Educating Children for Cooperation & Contribution: Volume I
"Educating Children for Cooperation & Contribution: Volume II
Theme Packs on Selected Topics
DVD - "Training of a Classical Adlerian Psychotherapist" - Sophia de Vries Interviewed by Henry Stein
Volume 1 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - New Translation of "The Neurotic Character"
Volume 2 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Journal Articles: 1898-1909
Volume 3 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Journal Articles: 1910-1913
Volume 4 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Journal Articles: 1914-1920
Volume 5 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Journal Articles: 1921-1926
Volume 6 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Journal Articles: 1927-1931
Volume 7 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Journal Articles: 1931-1937
Volume 8 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Lectures to Physicians and Medical Students
Volume 9 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Case Histories
Volume 10 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Case Readings & Demonstrations
Volume 11 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - Education for Prevention
Volume 12 of "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler" - The General System of Individual Psychology
An Interview With Sophia de Vries: Remembrances of Alfred Adler and Other Pioneers, on Audio Cassette
You Shall be a Blessing, by Alexander Mueller
The Collected Works of Lydia Sicher: An Adlerian Perspective
Home Study Program: Substance Abuse Diagnosis, Assessment, & Treatment: An Adlerian Perspective
Behavior OnLine Site - An Interview with Henry Stein about Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy
Yahoo Site - Classical Adlerian Discussion Forum

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