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Alfred Adler - Lifeline and Chronology
Summarize dby Edward Hoffman, Ph.D.

1868 Birth of Sigmund Adler (older brother of Alfred)
1870 Birth of Alfred Adler on February 7th
1871 Birth of Hermine Adler (sister)
1873 Birth of Rudolf Adler (brother)
1874 Birth of Irma Adler (sister)
Death of Rudolf Adler
1877 Birth of Max Adler (brother)
1884 Birth of Richard Adler (brother)
1888 Adler begins study at the University of Vienna Medical School
1895 Adler receives medical degree from the University of Vienna
1897 Adler falls in love with Raissa Timofeivna Epstein
Adler marries Raissa Timofeivna Epstein
1898 Adler sets up private pratice in Vienna
Valentine (daughter) is born
Adler publishes two articles in Austria's "Medical News Bulletin"
Adler publishes monograph, Health Book for the Tailor Trade
1901 Adler's second child, Alexandra, is born
1902 Adler publishes two more articles in "Medical News Bulletin"
Sigmund Freud invites Adler to join the fledgling Wednesday Psychological Society (later renamed to Vienna Psychoanalytic Society)
1904 Adler publishes his most important article to date, The Physician as Educator
Adler converts from Judaism to Protestanism
Birth of Kurt Adler (son)
1905 Publication of A Study of Organ Inferiority
1909 Birth of Cornelia (daughter)
1911 Adler is expelled from the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society under Freud's impetus
Adler forms his own group, initially called the Society for Free Psychoanalytic Inquiry
1912 Publication of The Neurotic Constitution
1913 Adler renames his group the Society for Individual Psychology
1914 Publication of Healing and Education, edited by Adler
1916 Adler is drafted as a military physician for the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I
1918 Adler is discharged from military service, begins emphasizing social feeling in his writings
1922 Publication of The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology
Adler begins setting up educational consulting teams in child guidance for Vienna's public schools
1924 Adler becomes a professor at Vienna's Pedagogical Institute
1927 Publication of Understanding Human Nature
Adler's first lecture-tour of the United States
1928 Publication of The Case of Miss R: The Interpretation of a Life Story
1929 Adler becomes an adjunct professor at Columbia University, starts to shift base of operations from Vienna to New York City
Publication of Individual Psychology in the Schools
Publication of Problems of Neurosis: A Book of Case Histories
Publication of The Science of Living
Publication of Guiding the Child: On the Principles of Individual Psychology, edited by Adler
1930 Adler resigns from Columbia University position
Publication of The Education of Children
Publication of The Pattern of Life
Publication of The Problem Child: The Life Style of the Difficult Child as Analyzed in Specific Cases
1931 Publication of What Life Should Mean to You
1932 Adler becomes a professor at the Long Island College of Medicine, his first full-time academic position in the United States
1933 Publication of Religion and Individual Psychology Publication of Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind
1934 Austria is taken over by its fascists, and Adler's psycho-educational movement is suppressed
1935 Austria is annexed by Hitler's Nazi Germany
Raissa relocates to New York City and resumes living full-time with Adler
Adler becomes mentor to the young Abraham Maslow
1937 Death of Alfred Adler on May 28th, Aberdeen, Scotland

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