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Tom Clark, Livermore, California

After a twelve year business career working for several large U. S. Corporations in Marketing and Advertising, I attended a seminar conducted by Dr. Stein and one of his colleagues. I was fascinated by the concepts being offered and the easy integration of these ideas to business management. I had no idea at the time the material being offered was but one application of an enormously rich and integrated psychology, philosophy and way of life. My involvement was just beginning.

Soon I was attending a Parenting Workshop conducted by Dr. Henry Stein and Dr. Sophia de Vries experiencing still another application of Adlerian Psychology. I found it enlightening and stimulating to be in the presence of these two classical Adleriens. The material offered for study was captivating and the decision to pursue a graduate degree and California licensing sent me on a completely new career path and a very new way of life.

I have been a Marriage, Family, Child, Therapist in private practice in Livermore, California for 20 years and an associate of the Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco since it's inception.

Private Practice Office:
Thomas E. Clark M.S. MFCC
1346 Concannon Blvd., Bldg. J
Livermore, California 94550
Phone: (925) 447-8540

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